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Chiropractic care is important to easing back pain and having a generally healthy spine. Since the spine has such an important function in the health of organs and your immune system, it is logical that chiropractors treat more than 30 million people each year. They comprise the third largest group of doctors, trailing only medical and dentists.

This form of healthcare continues to become more and more popular each year. However, there is still a large portion of the population that is hesitant to make visits to a chiropractor. Whether their excuse stems from something they’ve read online or something they’ve heard from a friend, many reasons for not visiting a chiropractor are a result of misinformation. The following text contains the top 5 reasons people avoid seeing a chiropractor.

1. Not Understanding How Chiropractic Care Works

One of the most frequent excuses people give for not visiting the chiropractor has to do with experiences either from a friend or one visit they had in the past. They believe that their experience with one visit should be reflective of every visit. Often, a patient is sore after the first couple of adjustments as their body is adapting to the change of day to day life with their spine in a different alignment, albeit a better one. They experience nausea, fatigue, and even occasional headaches. The patient experiences these things, believes them to be bad, and discontinues visits as they feel their body is being made less healthy by the process.

However, this soreness isn’t indicative of an unhealthy practice. As said earlier, your body is adapting to the new spinal care. Your spine isn’t used to experiencing proper range of motion. As a result, you will may feel some discomfort before feeling better. But, that is normal! Think about how you feel after working out. Most of us feel soreness after lifting weights or fatigue after a long run. Once our bodies get used to the strain, you will feel happier and healthier. Chiropractic care is no different. After several adjustments, the soreness should go away and you should feel better than you did before receiving the care.

2. They Don’t Know The Difference Between ‘Cracking’ And ‘Adjusting’

When many of us were kids, we would be chastised by parents for cracking our backs. They would warn us of the dangers that come from that kind of behavior. Cracking your back until you hear that popping sound may feel good initially, but it eventually can cause things like arthritis and damage your spine.

When you first see an adjustment, it looks like the chiropractor is, essentially, cracking someone’s back. However, there is a big difference between an adjustment and cracking. Chiropractors have been given the proper training to find the misalignments in your spine and correct them, whereas cracking your back yourself moves the vertebrae that already have a healthy range of motion, but never the fused misalignments. Though cracking your back may feel good at first, it will become addictive and cause misalignments to vertebrae that were in proper alignment. This random back-cracking can really hurt you in the long run. A chiropractor understands what your back needs. No two spines are the same. Everyone needs something different given their particular spinal situation. Chiropractors have the knowledge and wisdom necessary to customize treatment that will be good for your spine and body.

3. Chiropractic Care Is Too Expensive

Another reason for not visiting the chiropractor is the cost. There are a lot of people that believe chiropractic care simply costs too much money and isn’t worth the hassle. However, many offices offer programs to make the care affordable. Another thing to consider is whether or not the office accepts your insurance. Some insurance companies and offices work together to make the cost of chiropractic lower. Take advantage of that kind of opportunity to improve your health.

Additionally, it is important to consider what we spend our money on. Think about how much you pay for cable or eating out at restaurants. Many of us would be surprised to see how much of our money goes into things that we don’t need or are not necessarily good for us. Chiropractic care can be vital to your overall health. It would make much more sense to use our money to improve our health and our bodies as opposed to spending all of our money on things that slow our minds and damage our bodies.

4. They Don’t Have Back Pain

Many people believe that only those with back pain should visit a chiropractor. However, back pain isn’t always an indicator of misaligned vertebrae. Sometimes, the signs that you need an adjustment can be very subtle, not relating to any form of back pain whatsoever. Only a third of our nerves can sense pain. Most nerves are the communication lines from the brain to different organs, so sometimes a misaligned spine could be pinching nerves causing interference to vital organs without causing any pain whatsoever. This is something very important to consider. Spinal misalignment can exhibit itself with symptoms that many of us would not think are associated with our spine.

Our entire body is connected. With the spine housing the nervous system that controls all your organs and extremities, it is important that we take care of it. This isn’t to say that a couple of visits to the chiropractor will fix your entire body. After all, there are some things that require help from doctors in other fields. But, chiropractic care is a great place to start in your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself.

5. They Are Already Exercising And Eating Healthy

Proper exercise and healthy eating are great things that everyone should be doing. Not only will those two things keep your heart in good health and weight under control, but they can also assist you in having a healthy spine. Being overweight can put unnecessary stress on our spine, and eating healthy is vital to maintaining healthy, strong bones. Because of these things, many that practice good dieting and exercise habits believe they don’t need to get adjustment from a chiropractor. They believe their health is good and they don’t need any further assistance.

While it may be true that good diet and exercise are great for your health, they are not the only things you should be doing to keep your health in check. Spinal maintenance also plays an important role in your health and well-being. Even if you don’t have back issues and are practicing good health habits, it is wise to get adjusted to optimize your health. Regular chiropractic care should be included in everyone’s health goals. It can only aid you in improving your overall health.

There are plenty of reasons to get taken care of by a chiropractor. It benefits your back, your organs, and your mood. While some people may give excuses as to why they don’t get adjusted regularly, the practice has been proven to be quite beneficial. Once you stop making excuses to not schedule appointments for chiropractic care, you will likely see your health improve exponentially.


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  1. I actually used to visit the chiropractor regularly, but I was in a car accident back in 2010 resulting in a C-2 fracture. It’s been 6 years now – is it safe to go back to the chiropractor for adjustments?

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